Ohio LinuxFest

I’m recovering from the 2010 Ohio LinuxFest. Between talking about Python to Linux sysadmins for a solid day, the evening gatherings, the hallway track, and everything else, I very nearly lost my voice. But that was a small price to pay.

For my “Python for Linux System Admistrators” tutorials everything went quite well. There was a minor delay waiting for a projector, but otherwise the venue was fine and I had a good turnout – some 20-25 people who (in addition to being sysadmins) were a joy to teach. By the end of the day, everyone was tired, but I was pretty happy that we’d covered a core of Python that would a) let them get going on their own and b) was particularly relevant to their jobs. If anyone is interested some materials for the course are here. The slides are just as I used them, meaning that in some cases they are just prompts to remind me of where I’m going, rather than a standalone resource. But anyway, they might be of some use.

In addition, the bookstore sold a few copies of Quick Python Book, 2e, I caught a few good talks, and more important, I got to talk to several interesting people – maddog, Jorge Castro and Amber Graner from the Ubuntu community, Linux scribe Brian Profitt, Robert Blackwell from the Perl community (I promise I’ll be nicer when I talk about Perl from now on), and several others, not to mention a rather inebriated Buckeye fan and even my high school girlfriend. How can you beat that?

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