Installing Python 3 on Windows (video)

I’ve posted a screencast on YouTube to walk through the process of installing Python 3 on Windows. Not that it’s really that hard, but if anyone has any questions about the process, it might be worth a watch.

Installing Python 3.1 on Windows

2 Responses to Installing Python 3 on Windows (video)

  1. Don Gateley says:

    I was hoping that you would cover the important things like correctly setting the windows environment and path variables, heavy sigh.

    Hell, that should be prominent within the installation package you get from I don’t understand how people in the open software community think. At all. They seem to get off on making things obscure and difficult.

    • Naomi Ceder says:

      That’s a fair objection, now that I think of it. I suppose part of the problem is that most Linux and Mac installers take care of this for you these days, so us non-Windows types don’t even think about it. I don’t have time to do a new version right now, but I’ll add that the next time I do one. Thanks for the suggestion!

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